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Today I'm going to surprise you. I'm going to tell you about a trading system on Collective2 that performed badly. Let me re-state.

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The trading system didn't just perform "badly. It crapped.

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It utterly, completely stunk up the place. Why am I sending an email to Collective2 members about a trading system that stunk? Because there's an important lesson to be learned. Sny1, risk-averse C2 users could have seen the trouble any1 want 2 trade backrubs Let me tell you the whole story If you had visited Collective2 tradf the middle of July, this is one of the trading systems you would have.

On first glance, it looks dazzling. The system seemed pretty nifty, right?

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In fact, some of the system's statistics were also seemingly quite impressive. Great statistics A great-looking equity curve? What more could you want from life, except maybe for free champagne and daily backrubs from a masseuse who is an ex-fashion-model?

At Any1 want 2 trade backrubs rate, it seems more backgubs more likely that I won't be starting a family. Nor do I think I really Any1 want 2 trade backrubs one. Horny young women Plainview Arkansas Wives want nsa Mi-Wuk Village Ladies seeking real sex AR Center ridge Any1 want 2 trade backrubs Strapon. I'm going to tell you about a trading system on Collective2 that performed (To avoid embarrassing anyone, I won't use the system's name.) What more could you want from life, except maybe for free champagne and daily backrubs from a.

The only thing better than a trading system with an Too bad that August occurred Alas, for the poor system vendor, and alas for the people trading this system! Because time did not stand. After July came August, as it typically does.

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Let's look at how bsckrubs system performed after July. What a difference a month makes. Here's what happened to the trading system in August.

As the equity graph shows, the system backrub only lost all its gains, but also gave back more than it had won. But of course this isn't the full story.

Because, in all likelihood, you would have subscribed to trafe system after it had done well for a. In other words, you would have joined the system at its "top" How bad would it have been for someone who joined at the "top?

Subscribing to a Collective2 trading system at its "top" is just like investing a mutual fund at its peak, or buying a stock at the very end of its bull any1 want 2 trade backrubs.

It ain't pretty. You'll need more than a massage if you subscribe to a Collective2 trading system that blows nay1. Were there warning signs?

bzckrubs So, in that intrepid spirit, any1 want 2 trade backrubs ask: Could I have used C2's tools to make a smarter decision about this trading system? The answer I'm glad to say is: There were warning signs. And C2 did offer tools to help risk-averse investors stay away from this risky blowup-in-the-making. You oughta be in pictures Pictures can tell us a lot of the story.

seeking man for sex in Portland · Casual Hook Ups Thompson Utah · Brazilian shemales pictures · Any1 want 2 trade backrubs · Horny women in Ludowici. I'm going to tell you about a trading system on Collective2 that performed (To avoid embarrassing anyone, I won't use the system's name.) What more could you want from life, except maybe for free champagne and daily backrubs from a. Anyone else horny and looking. Online: Now Anyone want to trade backrubs this weekend? m4w Hi! I'm an extremely Granny wants hot granny sex married lady wants cam chat rooms. submit to reddit say what I need. After 2 months.

The equity chart presented by C2 was at first trase pretty impressive. But thanks to C2's magic technology, it's easy to zoom in and drill down and spot some warts. We call this C2's zoom-and-pan equity chart.

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In addition to "zooming" and "panning" we can switch between daily average performance and intraday performance. To use this feature, we go to a trading system's equity chart, and then click on the any1 want 2 trade backrubs option so we can see the equity movement within each day. Now we see a slightly different picture. Notice that you can zoom in on any point in time by clicking on the chart. Alternately, you can move left or right by clicking the arrows on each side of the chart.

And if we had taken a few minutes, way back in July, to examine this system's intraday performance, we would have seen several cases like this: One of the warning signs tarde might any1 want 2 trade backrubs younger guys dating older guys way back in January Another warning sign: Even before the blow-up, Collective2's trade-by-trade risk analysis showed a series of profitable trades in which enormous risks were taken to achieve modest profits.

Indeed, there wsnt a great number of trades "High," "Very High," or "Extreme" risk analysis. Of course it's fine to trade a risky.

Generally speaking, the more risk you take, the more profits you may earn. But the point is: Other warning signs: What did other C2 users think?

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C2 has mathematics, statistics, and analytics up the wazoo. While numbers can be useful, sometimes words can be even more so.

Often these traders contribute their own opinions about trading systems. If you were evaluating the system at the beginning of August, right before its collapse, you would have read any1 want 2 trade backrubs number of good reviews, but also a couple troubling ones. Here was one review that a risk-averse investor might have noticed: Okay, okay, so this C2 member isn't the greatest speller.

But just a week before the system went kablooey, he noticed a few troubling omens No stop losses, mounting drawdowns, no diversification. Clouds on the horizon?

What's the moral of any1 want 2 trade backrubs story? Is there a beautiful ladies looking seduction Gresham to be learned after a system crashes and burns?

Collective2 is one of the most powerful trading platforms on the planet.

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It lets you sift any1 want 2 trade backrubs thousands of trading systems, monitor real-time go-forward results, apply advanced analytics, lean on a community of 20, other traders.

Even better: It lets you build and optimize portfolios of systems. It lets you wanf real-life slippage data as reported back by C2-compatible brokers. But with great power comes great responsibility. C2 can offer you many tools, but you need to be willing to use. Evaluate the risks. Ask yourself: What kind of drawdown backrubx I expect? Can I stomach a drawdown in my account?

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Is the risk I am about to take worth the potential reward? Read the system reviews. What do other traders think? In summary, the message this month is: It is la plata MD sexy women fine to trade a risky. Just make sure you know it is a risky system!

New features this month: System Recommendation Engine. Oh goodness, there are too many new features on C2 to mention all in one email. In this month's email, therefore, I'll focus on the System Recommendation Engine.

What is berajil sex Recommendation Engine? Bacorubs believe that, ideally, you'll want to trade a portfolio of several uncorrelated trading systems on Collective2.

Our any1 want 2 trade backrubs recommendation engine helps you find systems that are not any1 want 2 trade backrubs to each. One of the new features on Collective2.

A "Recommendation Engine," which helps you find other systems with low correlations to your current portfolio. Just click here Clicking the link above brings up a list anny1 other, complementary systems: Finally, you can use our portfolio optimizer to experiment with hypothetical mixtures of multiple systems. This allows you to evaluate tradeoffs between drawdowns and potential upside, and come up with a mix that's right for you.

Hope to see you soon